The director of the Center inaugurates a Historic Site

On Saturday 2 July, a Historic Site commemorating Theodor von Grotthuss was inaugurated, thereby making it the first European Society of Physics (EPS) Historic Site in any of the Baltic countries. The event took place in Žeimelis in northern Lithuania.

Professor Juozas Vidmantis Vaitkus and Karl Grandin by the memorial plaque.

Teodor von Grotthuss (1785–1822) was a Baltic German scientist who formulated an electrolytic theory in 1806. He was inspired by Volta’s work on the electric pile which enabled scientific investigations of electrolysis among other things. From 1808 he performed his research in Gedučiai outside Žeimelis. The European Physical Society selects, after application and investigation by a committee, European Physical Society Historic Sites. The Center’s director, Karl Grandin, who since 2019 has been chairman of that committee inaugurated the Grotthuss site. The inauguration took place in the square of Žeimelis where a Grotthuss statue was recently erected and where the local museum has a section dedicated to him. In addition to interested Žeimelis residents, several Lithuanian physicists were present when the plaque was unveiled and several speeches were given.

The inauguration was noticed by Lithuanian TV. 04:13 into the News.