Nobel Archives

The Center for History of Science holds the Nobel archives relating to the Prizes in Physics and Chemistry. These are made open to researchers according to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation. Access to such Nobel documents (older than fifty years) is only given to individual researchers after decision and approval by the Center in each single case.

Apply for access to the Nobel archives

An application for access to the Nobel archives is made by printing the application form and by mailing it by regular post to the address given on the first page of the application form.

Nobel Archives Application

The rules for access are given in these two sections.

The Nobel Foundation’s statutes (§10)

“§ 10. […] A prize-awarding body may, however, after due consideration in each individual case, permit access to material which formed the basis for the evaluation and decision concerning a prize, for purposes of research in intellectual history. Such permission may not, however, be granted until at least 50 years have elapsed after the date on which the decision in question was made.”

The Academy’s statutes (§8)

“§ 8. […] In considering an application under § 10, paragraph 3 of the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation, the rule shall be that material relating to the research work of a named person may not be released during that person’s lifetime. If an application is made for the release of material which includes a special investigation or opinion by a named person who is still alive, the material may not be released without the consent of the person concerned.”

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