Organisational Archives

The Academy’s own papers reflect important parts of Swedish scientific history from the 18th century until the present day.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Frescati

The activities of the RSAS have generated many documents and can be seen in different types of minutes, correspondence, official letters as well as other administrative records. Some of the Academy’s work has been carried out at research institutes as well as in different committees. Examples of this are the archives of the subarctic Abisko Scientific Research Station, Kristineberg’s Marine Biological Station as well as the archive of the Committee for Protection of Nature. The RSAS has played a large part in establishing scientific institutions in Sweden. Consequently the Center holds the older papers of several of these institutions. The Academy has been involved in a number of research expeditions from the 18th century and onwards. The papers of several of these expeditions are available to researchers at the Center.